Follow For Donate

Follow for Donate is an action that was launched on Instagram. Every member who wins 50 followers will try to collect 50 cents in a money box. After 100 followers, comes 1 euro in the money box, after another 50 followers again 50 cents and so on. Each “saver” is of course left to himself how much money he wants to save. The proceeds of this austerity measure should benefit a charitable purpose for animal welfare.

You can find every post about this action under the hashtag #followfordonate on Instagram, here there is also a group that looks forward to every other member.

I support this action since September 18, 2019 and have already saved € 6.50.

to be continued…

A member of Follow For Donate painted this beautiful picture of Mona and Luna for #followfordonate. This image is auctioned and the money is then donated to a charity. Thanks again to the dear can opener of Oskar and Siggy! ♥

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