This is us!

Meet the team hiding behind Annalysiert!


Geocacher, Hobby-Photographer and proud cat owner

My name is Anna, I’m 17 years old, I still go to school to achieve a good A-level and I’m the can opener of my velvetpaws Mona & Luna. I love to photograph Mona & Luna, to click with them and to capture the cats in the neighborhood for a spectacular photo. 


Trick cat, Soul cat and heaven of peace in the family

My Soul Cat Mona enriches my life already for 11 years, she is a very calm, ordinary, careful and cozy cat. I can always count on her, one call from me she comes back home, always sneaking around in the vicinity of the house and hunts daily precious gifts for us. Mona not only wears her “M” on her forehead, but also her “O” on both sides of her stomach.


Red-striped whirlwind and painfully missing sister

11 years ago, not only my soul cat Mona  entries my life, also her red-striped sister Lisa came to us. Although the two sisters were out of a litter, they could not be more different. The calm Mona with her “O’s” in her fur and the adventurous Lisa with her “I” stripes. She was always an adventure ahead of Mona and without exception tried everything out first. Unfortunately, Lisa did not come home from her last adventure, but we hope she just found a new home!


Trick cat, Party clown and Adventure cat

In 2018, the naughty and crazy lucky cat Luna came into our lives and turned it completely upside down. Suddenly everything was different. Gone was life on the quiet soles, as a small pony gallops Luna through the house, retrieves and sniffs like a beagle, dripping wet through the rain and comes, of course, just as dripping wet home and dries her fur, of course, exclusively on my comforter.

Other cats:


Beautiful tortie cat and sole ruler of the house and court

In 2008, my grandmother got a colorful, mauzing fur ball from ‘Ostfriesland’ for her birthday. Since then, the house and the yard have been occupied by this three-colored screamer. Mauzi not only has her can opener firmly under control, but she is also the mistress of the domestic and farm dogs, who, despite their size, can not reach the head of the castle. Whether chair, armchair or bed, everything is conquered by Mauzi and defended with claws and teeth.


Snow-white stray and lovable cuddler

This very pretty Maine Coon tomcat does not care much for the squat, but rather desperately wanders through the community for days or weeks to the desperation of its owners and makes no attempt to get home to be combed. He prefers to matt his fur and runs through the streets with his burdock and pine needles in his snow-white coat, rolling around on squares and paths to be petted.


Famous cemetery cat and comforting companion

Since the last millennium, Julchen accompanies the cemetery visitors to their dear deceased and donates not only by their presence comfort and hope. As a lucky cat, this task seems literally to be written on her fur. Those who need cuddles on the bench outside the cemetery will get them from Julchen. The faithful companion seems to wait daily for comfort-seeking visitors to give them their cat love.


Striped tiger and chief of the settlement

14 years ago Diego came to our settlement as a garbage bin finder and a skinny, narrow tomcat on legs too long. Here he grew up unrivaled to the head of the settlement. Unseen, he has the streets and roads in view and knows exactly what is happening in his territory, who comes in and out and which cat sneaks over his seats. As a mate of the weak, the bullies in the area have nothing to laugh about.

My faithful soulcat

Hello you out there!
My name is Mona, but I also prefer nicknames like Moni or Mona Mouse. I was born on 10.05.2009 with 3 siblings near Aachen. My sister and I are red girls and our two siblings are a tortoiseshell cat and a black & white tomcat. The two have found a home in the neighborhood of our Mama Mauzi. Therefore, they can sometimes visit them. I came to Anna’s family with my sister Lisa. Unfortunately, my sister disappeared after a few years. We searched for her for a long time – in vain. Since then I was alone.

I prefer to be outside in nature, I am born to be in nature! I spend every free minute outside. I love to hunt, watch birds and sunbathe on my favorite places. I am a very proud hunter and bring a small gift to my family every day. Mostly birds, mice or bats. But I have already chased one or the other squirrels through the house 🙂 For two years not only this belongs to my favorite pastimes, I also trick with my can opener. I can do many great tricks and I enjoy it a lot!

You’re probably wondering what a soul cat is and why I’m one. Soul cats are something very special that only exists once in a lifetime. Their have a very special place in the heart and you can not imagine a life without a soul cat! When you asked how to become a Soul Cat, there is probably no right answer. You can feel it. For example, I always know when my can opener is not feeling well and I’m always on the spot, a quick glance from me conjures a smile on my face. I have a very special relationship with Anna.

I love you so much my pretty girl! ♥

I am Anna

Hello to all fur friends and those who want to become one. My name is Anna, I am a hobby photographer, geocacher and student.

If someone had asked me 8 years ago what I would do in 2020, then I would not have imagined anything but my life, as it was then: a quiet single cat and plenty of time to read and study for the school. That was easy and I enjoyed it.

But now it is 2020 and a lot has changed. I started taking pictures and have had a lively model by my side for a year, which has turned our lives upside down.

My little whirlwind!

Hey you there!
My name is Luna, I was born on 11.06.2018 together with 12 other siblings in Bonn. I know what you think now;) But I can go a step further, I’ve lived in a house with a total of 15 cats (13 kittens and my two mom’s) and 2 dogs. Phew … Yes, a lot! My litter consisted of 6 tortoiseshell cats and my mom is a black cat. My 7 other siblings were born a day later, there were 6 red kittens and a white male, their mom (and my 2nd mom) is a red cat. We were a very special group. I think the decision was very difficult for my current family, but I am very glad that they took me!

Since I am with my new family, life is back in the house. I love to play with EVERYTHING, I like to retrieve, play in boxes, with ballpoint pens or everything that lies on tables or cupboards. Since I am about 18 weeks old, my new can opener has started clicking with me, I think that’s really cool, but I’m very impatient – so I determine the training times;) I especially liked the movement-joyful exercises, so does my Meomy also cat agility with me. Since my castration on 05.04.19 I am a freelancer. I love exploring the area and getting to know lots of new smells! My people always tell me I’m more of a dog than a cat 🙂

I’m the biggest fan of my big roommate and I want to be a good hunter like her! I would love to spend every spare minute with her and play. She is getting along with me better and better. Since I’m allowed to get out, I can let off steam too and I’m not getting on Mona’s nerves 😊 She is more like the human cat and rather spend time with our can openers, as with me. But this is no problem. I’ll show her what a great friend I am!

I love you, my little baby!


I miss you so much!


Mother of Mona and Lisa.


He is such a great and lovely tomcat!


23 years this beautiful lady is already old! She is the oldest and most famous cat in our city.


Our boss of the neighborhood

Other Cats

Here I will show you some photos of other cats in our city: