Life is like a camera - focus on what's important - capture the good moments- develop from the negatives - and if things don't work Just take another shot


I love to take pictures! I prefer to photograph my animals or nature. If you want to know more about photography, just click on the button…


I am thrilled to make small films of my animals! So you can observe the animals in their infinite many movements and ban the adventure on video. After clicking on the button, I’ll tell you more about my videography.


I’ve been taking pictures since I’m 13 years old.

I started taking pictures with my phone and later lent me a camera (NikonD40) from friends to see if I would continue to enjoy taking pictures and that was confirmed.

From then on I started saving money for my own camera and two years later I was able to fulfill that wish. At the beginning of 2018 I bought my own camera (Nikon D5500). Now I can use this camera to take pictures and videos in nature, Mona, Luna and many other animal models.

These pictures can be found on my Instagram account.

But with the press of the shutter it’s not done, I put a lot of emphasis on sifting my pictures, the best picture, to pick out between all the pictures and edit this image.

For the editing of my pictures I use the software Lightroom from Adobe.

For example, it is important to lighten a dark image, to check how the colors look. If the background is sharp or blurry, where is the focus in my picture. I also like to add a vignette “border ornament” In my animal photography I often work on my eyes and like to add a filter go have a matt look.

Videos about my editing workflow can be seen on my Instagram account.

Scroll down a bit to see some before -> after pictures. You can use the slider to see the edit:


For a year, I hold tight Mona’s and Luna’s capers also on videos. If it have to go fast, of course, with my mobile phone but also with my Nikon D5500.

These videos can also be found on my YouTube channel.

In a video I can capture the whole movement of the animals, because it does not always run smoothly and there are also small Fails, I like to edit my videos with Pinnacle on my computer.

For a resident childcarer, at the end of day care, I prepare the documentation video for the children who leave the daycare and go to kindergarten. In this section, which usually includes 1 year, you can follow the spectacular development of children in a small “movie”. Of course, the individual film sequences tell a lot more than the snapshot of a picture. I like to add these films to a credits and submit them with music.

I also like to use the video medium for my clicker training with Mona and Luna, here the skills of the two are excellently illustrated and manifested.